Continuumusic Rehearsal Studios

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Continuumusic offers high end recording facilities for all of your audio needs. The studio is equiped with a state-of-the-art digital recording system based around Merging Technologies' Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW. Used by many top flight studio, mastering, broadcast and post installations around the world, including Abbey Road, Soundfirm Sydney, Masterdisk, The Sydney Opera House and the BBC, our system utilises 48 channels of Solid State Logic™ 96khz A/D-D/A conversion, giving unparalleled audio quality and flexibility to mix within either the analogue or digital domain. The system is fully integrated into our customised 72 channel Mackie desk, and we are also able to work seamlessly with Digidesign Pro Tools.... Of course both digital systems can be synchronised to our Otari 24 track, 2 inch tape machine for a full analogue and digital recording experience. if you would like a tour of the studio or to discuss your project with our engineers, please contact us.

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(02) 9905-0010


222 Headland Rd
North Curl
New South Wales
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