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Taking advantage of advancements in digital recording technology, Deep Blue Studios embraces a number of Digital Audio Workstations for tracking, post production and creative composition. Our studio uses the latest Protools HD2 Accel system with a sleek new Digidesign C24 mixing console and 192 digital I/O’s, so capturing that sparkling performance in high fidelity becomes a breeze. With a huge artillery of plugins at our disposal, the possibilities for sound shaping is limited only by the imagination. Using only the highest grade microphones from heavyweights such as Neumann, Rhode, Shure, Groovetube and AKG, our engineers have the technical expertise to encapsulate your sound in the way you envision it. Our mixroom has outboard compression and Focusrite preamps, and if you have a particular boutique sound in mind for your recording, we can source all kinds of rare and specialised analogue outboard rack effects.

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Deep Blue Studios

South Australia
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