Roland A-90: Expandable Controller

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Brand: Roland
Condition: One Owner

Although first produced in the mid-1990s, Roland's 88-note A-90 keyboard offers the unsurpassed Roland PA-4 piano feel with channel aftertouch and a comprehensive collection of master controller functions. By adding the VE-RD1 Piano Expansion Board, Roland developed its A-90 predecessor into the A-90EX: a 64-voice digital piano/synthesizer with 128 tones, true stereo piano samples and built-in effects. It has four independent MIDI Outs, 20 assignable controllers, large buttons derived from the JD-800 and patch names for virtually all Roland sound modules. Also, SR-JV80 Series expansion boards make the A-90/A-90EX powerful yet very user friendly. Other features include: - 64-voice polyphony, 128 tones, onboard effects with the VE-RD1; - True stereo piano samples with the VE-RD1 Four MIDI Outs for 64 MIDI channels; 8 zones; - Built-in patch names for Roland sound modules and SR-JV80 Series expansion boards; - also expandable with VE-JV1 or VE-GS1 voice expansion boards; - Bender; pitch wheel; modulation wheel; 20 assignable controllers; 64 user patch locations; 64 additional patches using an M-512E RAM card. Most importantly, though, it has a beautiful 88-note PA-4 hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch. This product is no longer in production, but still often used as a stage piano. At this price, I include the keyboard stand, foot pedal and music stand.

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