Yamaha 6335 Bb Trumpet

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Brand: Yamaha
Condition: New

Yamaha's professional models are medium-weight for a perfect all-around playability. They're at home in any setting, from studio to big band, concert band, chamber group, or orchestra. We offer two models: the 6335, which features a medium-large bore and a yellow-brass bell for a big sound with clear projection; and the 6345G, which features a large bore and a gold-brass bell for a warm, rich, commanding tone. Both are ideal for those who need versatility in their horn, who are looking for an instrument that will play and sound just right in any group or setting. Medium weight Bb Trumpet Bell: 123mm (4 7/8") Yellow Brass or Gold Brass (G) Bore: 11.65mm (0.459") Finish: Gold lacquer or silver plate (S) Mouthpiece: 14B4

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